Hello world - 3D Topology optimization

In this tutorial, you will learn how to execute your first 3d topology optimization hello world program using top3d. This is your first step into the 3d topology optimization world!

Step.1: Get top3d.m

First, you need download our efficient 3d topology optimization program(top3d) from our website, remember also download the documentation file along with the program.

Step.2: Hello world!

Now, open the Matlab, execute the following command in the Matlab command window:

top3d(60, 20, 4, 0.3, 3, 1.5)

With the promote line above, you are solving the default cantilever beam problem in the program as shown down left and the topology optimization result should be similar like down right.

Initial design domain

Topology optimized cantilever beam

You have successfully run the program, good job!