Top3dGUI Change Logs

Version 0.2

Nov 21, 2014


  • File menu with the following items: New Design, Open Design, Save Design, Export (to workspace, to file), Print (design problem, optimized design)
    • New Design: Start a new topology optimization design problem.
    • Open Design: Load saved topology optimization design problem (*.top3d).
    • Save Design: Save current design configuration to file (*.top3d).
    • Export
      • To workspace: dump optimized design matrix (xPhys) to MATLAB workspace.
      • To file: save MATLAB (*.mat) file.
    • Print
      • Design problem: save Design problem including boundary conditions and load conditions to common image file format (*.bmp, *.eps, *jpg, *.tif, *.pdf, *.png, *.tif)
      • Optimized Design: save final topology to image file.


  • Close program function

Version 0.1

Nov 20, 2014

Top3d Graphical User Interface (GUI) initial released. Gives user a interactive way to define and solve topology optimization problem.